Advising for Fall 2017

March 13 – March 31

You must meet with one of the math department advisers prior to registering for Fall 2017 classes. The meeting is mandatory. An advising hold will be placed on your account if you do not attend one of the meeting. If an advising hold has been placed on your account, you will not be able to register for classes.

Sign up now for your 1/2 hour advising meeting. All meetings will be held in Harris Hall 2106.

Please complete the Math Preregistration Advising Form and bring it to your meeting. You also may want to complete your Graduation Worksheet and bring it to your meeting.

University wide Fall 2017 advance registration begins Tuesday, April 4 based on your number of earned credit hours. Honors students may register beginning Tuesday, March 28 and graduate students beginning Monday, April 3.


1.  What do I do if an advising hold has been placed on my account? Contact one of our math department advisers to schedule an advising appointment or explain why an advising hold should not be on your account.

2.  If I am graduating in May 2017, do I have to attend one of these meetings? No.  But please email one of our math department advisers to ensure your name is on our “graduating” list.

3.  If I am no longer a math major, do I need to attend an advising meeting?   If you received this email, it is possible that the system (eServices/Banner) has not updated your change of major.  Please make sure that you contact one of our math department advisers to tell them that you have already submitted paper work to change your major from Mathematical Sciences.

4.  What if I am a double major?  Do I have to attend an advising meeting? Yes! And remember that if you don’t, a hold WILL be placed on your account. This hold will prevent you from registering for any class.

5.  How do I choose a Graduation Worksheet?  Select the graduation worksheet that matches your Bulletin year on Degree Works.  If your Bulletin year does not appear, use the first worksheet available prior to that year.

6. Do I have to participate if I have been accepted to the 5yr Master of Teaching program? No. There is no need for you to attend one of our meetings if you have completed your mathematics requirements and are being advised by the School of Education. You are certainly welcome to attend a meeting if you have any remaining courses to complete or unanswered questions about your Mathematics program. We ask you to email one of our math department advisers to remind them of your M.Ed. status so that a hold is not placed on your account.