Mathematics Placement Assessment

The purpose of the Mathematics Placement Assessment is to place you into the highest level math class you may initially take at VCU in which you have a reasonable expectation of success. The Mathematics Placement Test does not give you credit for a math class, nor does it satisfy or exempt you from any math course your major or school requires of you for graduation.

The Campus Learning Center administers the Math Placement Test.

Interpreting your Mathematics Placement Test results.

All students enrolling in a mathematics, statistics, or computer science course must satisfy the prerequisite for the course before enrolling in the course. The prerequisite may be satisfied either by placement into the course based on the results of either the VCU Mathematics Placement Test, or by successful completion of the prerequisite course. Your advisor can help you determine which mathematics course is appropriate for your major.

New incoming freshmen or transfer students may take the VCU Online Mathematics Placement Assessment.  All current VCU students whose Math Placement Score has expired or those attempting to improve their Math Placement Score must take the ALKES PPL Mathematics Placement Assessment.