Congratulations, Graduates! 

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics invites you to view the live stream of their in-person graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 15 at 12:00 p.m.

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It gives the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics great pleasure to present our candidates for all bachelor’s degrees, master's degrees and doctorate degrees. These students have fulfilled all requirements and are recommended by our faculty.

We Celebrate You!

Ph.D. in Systems Modeling and Analysis

  • Rebecca Atanga
  • Chelsea Jones
  • Sarah Minucci
  • Tianchi Zhang

M.S. in Mathematical Sciences

  • Jeffrey Evans
  • Emily Horton
  • Rayan Ibrahim
  • Reem Mahmoud
  • Eric Schoen

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences

  • Carlo Alfano
  • James Bolen
  • Jacob Cann
  • Alfredo Castro Valdez
  • Roberto Chavez
  • Nicholas Cox
  • Joseph Daus
  • Caleb Davis
  • Melvin Diaz
  • Jackson Hambridge
  • Helen Harris
  • John Hudgins
  • Haeyun Kim
  • Pritam Kollu
  • Nhi Ly
  • Keyla Marquez Carpinteyro
  • Arianna Martinez-Romero
  • Renu Mathew
  • Alexandra Mischou
  • Emily Nelson
  • Dominic Peri
  • Adriana Ramirez Franco
  • Sauod Rashed
  • Dylan Ryan
  • Charly Sager
  • Jonathan Seidita
  • Alexis Smith
  • Alex Trainham
  • Joy Tran
  • Henry Uddyback
  • Tiffany Yuk

Congratulations to our Award Winners 

Applied Mathematics Award

  • Jacob Cann

General Mathematical Sciences Award

  • Jackson Hambridge

Dean's Scholar Award

  • Dylan Ryan

graduation mortarboards being tossed in the air