Dan Cranston, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Harris Hall 4109


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
Ph.D. in Computer Science, May 2007. Advisor: Douglas West.
Thesis: Coloring and Labeling Problems on Graphs.

M.S. in Computer Science, January 2004. Advisor: Jeff Erickson.

M.S. in Applied Mathematics, Optimization and Algorithms, December 2000.

B.A. Major in Mathematics, magna cum laude, May 1999. Honors program.


My research focuses on graph theory, combinatorics, and algorithm design. In particular, I study structural and extremal graph theory, specifically graph coloring.  Graph coloring encodes the problem of partitioning a set of objects into subsets subject to certain constraints (for example, finding sets of jobs that can run in parallel).


Daniel W. Cranston and Landon Rabern. Coloring claw-free graphs with ∆ − 1 colors. SIAM Journal of Discrete Math. Vol. 27(1), 2013, pp. 534–549.

Daniel W. Cranston, Seog-Jin Kim, and Gexin Yu. Injective Colorings of Graphs with Low Average Degree. Algorithmica. Vol. 60(3), July 2011, pp. 553–568.

Daniel W. Cranston and Seog-Jin Kim. List-coloring the Square of a Subcubic Graph. Journal of Graph Theory. Vol. 57, January 2008, pp. 65–87.

Daniel W. Cranston. Regular Bipartite Graphs are Antimagic. J. of Graph Theory. Vol. 60, March 2009, pp. 173–182.


American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


AMS Project NExT Fellow 2012-2013
Included in AcademicKeys Who’s Who in Sciences Higher Education (WWSHE) 2013
Nominated (1 of 2) for secretary of SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics 2012


Refereed more than 70 articles for 21 journals
Reviewed 9 articles for Math Reviews
Organized or co-organized 4 special sessions at AMS or SIAM conferences
60 Invited conference or seminar presentations

Curriculum Vitae