Craig Larson, Ph.D.

Harris Hall 4106

Dr. Larson's personal website


Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Houston, August 2008
Advisers: Ermelinda DeLaVina, Klaus Kaiser, Professors of Mathematics
Dissertation: Graph Theoretic Independence and Critical Independent Sets

M.A., Philosophy, University of Houston, August 2000.


My research focuses primarily on the size and structure of maximum independent sets in graphs, on applications of graph theory to chemistry, and on the design and use of mathematical conjecture-making programs.


E. DeLaVina and C. E. Larson, A Parallel Algorithm for Computing the Critical Independence Number and Related Sets, Ars Mathematica Contemporanea 6(2) 2013, 237–245.

D. J. Klein and C. E. Larson, Eigenvalues of Saturated Hydrocarbons, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 51(6) 2013, 1608–1618.

C. E. Larson, The Critical Independence Number and an Independence Decomposition, European Journal of Combinatorics 32(2), 2011, 294–300.

C. E. Larson, A Survey of Research in Automated Mathematical Conjecture-making, in Graphs and Discovery, ed. by S. Fajtlowicz, P. W. Fowler, P. Hansen, M. F. Janowitz and F. S. Roberts, DIMACS, 2005, 297–318.

S. Fajtlowicz and C. E. Larson, Graph-theoretic Independence as a Predictor of Fullerene Stability, Chemical-Physics Letters, 377/5-6, 2003, 485–490.


American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Mathematics Association of America (MAA)

Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA), Fellow


Fulbright Research Scholar, Ghent University (Belgium), 2013

VCU College of Humanities and Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award winner, 2013

Mathematics Association of America Project NExT Fellow, 2009–2010

University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award winner, 2006.


VCU Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Associate Professor, 2014–present

VCU Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor, 2008–2014

University of Houston Department of Mathematics, Lecturer, 2000–2008