Students have a number of opportunities to participate in cutting edge research.  Many of these opportunities, see below, are offered in the summer.  Though if you are interested please feel free to seek out a faculty member to ask if they have any opportunities beyond these listed or whether they might be interested in participating in these.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program:  This is a summer VCU program that involves an application process that you complete with a faculty mentor.  The application is typically due in early to mid-spring semester.  For more info please go to

– Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program:  This is a summer VCU program for honors students.  The descriptions for the projects usually come up in early spring.  You must be an honors student.  For more info please go to:

Research Experience for Undergraduates:  This is a National Science Foundation program that has opportunities all over the nation.  For more information please go to:

VCU Office of Research and Innovation: