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Why choose the math major?

Because you love mathematics, and because according to the 2014 CareerCast ranking, “mathematician” is the best occupation in the country. How much better can it get than to be paid well to do a job you love?

Because such a wide variety of jobs is available for math major in industry, government, and academia. (Notice how many of the top CareerCast jobs involve quantitative work.) Here are several good places to begin exploring the possibilities:

Because the relationships among our math majors and faculty are close and vibrant. We teach nearly ten thousand students every year, but we have only about two hundred majors, allowing students frequent interaction with faculty as well as an up-close view of some of the rewards, excitement, and opportunities available to mathematicians.

The CareerCast ranking scores 200 types of jobs according to four categories: environment, which rates things like competitiveness; income at low, middle, and high career positions; the outlook for income and employment growth; and stress factors such as travel and deadlines. And, the huge range of opportunities for mathematicians, according to CareerCast, is a primary reason it outscored the competition and ranks No. 1

Our students have a terrific learning environment at VCU and prospects for diverse and well-
paying career opportunities.

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