We are using ALEKS PPL assessment for our Math Placement Score.

If your Math Placement Score has expired or you are trying to improve your Math Placement Score you will need to take a PROCTORED Math Placement Assessment to receive your Math Placement Score.

Please click on the links to the left for more information about ALEKS PPL and how to register and take an assessment.

Summary of the steps involved:

  1. Register with ALEKS PPL.
  2. Complete the Initial (un-proctored) Math Placement Assessment at home. This assessment is NOT used for your Math Placement Score.
  3. Optional study using the Prep and Learning Modules based on your score from the initial assessment.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Campus Learning Center to complete a PROCTORED Math Placement Assessment. This is the assessment used to determine your Math Placement Score.
  5. Required study in the Prep and Learning Modules prior to taking assessments 3 though 5 as needed.