New Incoming First-year and Transfer Students

VCU requires all new incoming First-year students to take the VCU Math Placement Test in order to determine which math class you should register for in your first semester of enrollment. 

New transfer students are required to take the math placement test if they have not completed a math course within three (3) years or if their transfer credit is not al least the equivalent to MATH 141 Algebra with Applications (college algebra) at VCU.

Login to the VCU Math Placement Test. If you are unable to login into the VCU Math Placement Test you are not eligible to take it.

You will NOT be able to register for New Student Orientation without first taking the VCU Math Placement Test. This is true even if you know you will receive transfer/AP/IB credit for a math course.

Your Math Placement Test does NOT fulfill any requirement towards graduation. Its sole purpose is to to determine the highest level math class you may initially take at VCU.

If you are not satisfied with your VCU Math Placement Test results, you may register to use ALEKS PPL to see if you can improve your score.  Please click on What is ALEKS for more information.

Your Math Placement Score is valid for 1 year.