David Chan

David Chan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Grace E. Harris Hall, 1015 Floyd Ave., room 4105


  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Biomathematics from NC State University
  • M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Maine
  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University

Research Interests

  • Applied mathematics usually focusing modeling using discrete dynamical system applied to biological problems

Select Publications

  • R.J. Dyer, D.M. Chan, C. Meadows, V. Gardiakos. 2011. Pollination Graphs: Quantifying pollen pool covariance networks and the influence of intervening landscape on genetic connectivity in the North American understory tree, Cornus florida L. Land Ecology.
  • J.M. Tchuenche, C. Chiyaka, D.M. Chan, A. Matthews, G. Mayer. 2010. A Mathematical Model for Antimalarial Drug Resistance. Mathematical Medicine and Biology.
  • N.B. Menke, J.W. Cain, A.R. Reynolds, D.M. Chan, R.A. Segal, T.M. Witten, D.G. Bonchev, R.F. Diegelmann, K.R. Ward. 2009. An In Silico Approach to the Analysis of Acute Wound Healing. Wound Repair and Regeneration.
  • H. Sedaghat, M.A. Wood, J.W. Cain, C.K. Cheng, C.M. Baumgarten, D.M. Chan. 2008. Complex temporal patterns of spontaneous initiation and termination of reentry in a loop of cardiac tissue. Journal of Theoretical Biology.
  • D. M. Chan. 2006. Asymptotic Stability in Discrete Models for Iteroparous Species. Proceedings of the Conference on Differential \& Difference Equations and Applications.


  • SIAM, Society of Mathematical Biology

Professional Appointments

  • Member of the editorial board for the journal Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
  • Member of the panel to review grants for the Jeffress Trust