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Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The VCU Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has 36 full time faculty members, approximately 20 graduate students and about 175 undergraduate math majors.

Our department’s members are committed teachers as well as active and productive mathematical researchers, publishing in peer review journals, publishing books, speaking at conference and seminars regionally, nationally, and internationally, reviewing journal articles, organizing conferences and sessions, and collaborating broadly within the mathematical and scientific communities.

We offer a strong undergraduate and graduate mathematics education with an increasing focus on the development of cross-disciplinary efforts to prepare our students for real-world applications and stimulating career opportunities. Students interested in classical mathematics, teaching, and/or applications in such areas as biology, medicine, engineering, and finance will find an involved and dedicated faculty committed to teaching, research, and to creating an atmosphere in which mathematics is practiced, discussed, and enjoyed. READ MORE ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS

K-12 Outreach

The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Department regularly offers continuing education programs for in-service teachers who are teaching mathematics in grades K-12. Recently we have offered programs for middle school mathematics teachers who wish to be certified to teach Algebra I and for high school mathematics teachers who were preparing to teach the new high school mathematics course Algebra, Functions and Data Analysis.

Visit our Mathematics K-12 Outreach page.


Our department consists of 23 research faculty committed to excellence in research.  Our research areas of strength include:  Biomathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Geometry, Logic, and Mathematics Education. The department organizes five research seminars each week in Biomathematics and Applied Math, Discrete Math, Geometry and Topology, Mathematics Education, and Analysis, Logic, and Physics (ALPS).

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Research Experience for Undergraduates

The REU will provide 10 undergraduates a hands-on introduction to computational research endeavors and improve their problem solving, communication, and computer programming skills. Student teams will be formed to work on the research projects listed below.

For more information please visit our REU page.

Richmond Area Mathematical Sciences Conference at VCU

The conference promotes education and research in the fields of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and operations research. It is tailored for undergraduate and graduate students to present results of their research and to allow students at all levels to interact with and learn from each other. Faculty mentors will have an opportunity to observe and network with peers, find potential collaborators, and discuss best practices to mentor students in research.

For more information please visit our RAMS page