Math Department Forms

Class Full Notification Request Form for Summer 2023 [Google Form]

Please use this form to be notified if we are able to add additional seats to existing classes or add additional sections of a class. There is no guarantee that we will be able to grant additional space in any class.

Prerequisite Override Request Form for Summer 2023 [Google Form]

Please complete this form to request an override into a class if you receive a 'Prerequisite Not Met' error when trying to register for a class in eServices (Banner) and you believe that you meet the prerequisite. There are three general reasons why you may have received this error:

  1. Your math placement test score is more than one year old. You may check your placement score in eServices. 
  2. You took the prerequisite course at another college or university and the course has not been credited to you by the transfer office. Complete the form and email a file showing successful completion of the prerequisite course to math@vcu.edu. For the purposes of this override request, an unofficial transcript is acceptable. We will NOT be able to consider your request without this documentation. (To receive transfer credit for the course, you need to submit an official transcript to the Transfer Center.)
  3. You took the class before and want to improve your grade.

Statistical Sciences and Operations Research Forms

For overrides into STAT and OPER courses please visit the VCU Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research Course Overrides page.