Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology (also known as Quantitative Biology, Mathematical Life Sciences, Theoretical Biology, etc.) is a growing area of research that involves the collaboration of mathematics, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry and the social sciences to construct models of phenomena in the Life Sciences. These models are used to confirm, explore and predict the biological, mechanical, chemical, and social causes, and structures that create and influence biological processes.  This allows the researchers to understand how these underlying processes work in order to diagnose, cure, prevent and influence the system.  This work is inherently collaborative due to the large scope of the problems that are examined, and their impact can felt at the microscopic sub-cellular level to the individual person to the world-wide environmental level.

VCU’s Mathematical Biology group currently includes David Chan (population dynamics and epidemiology), Laura Ellwein (human physiology, cardiovascular dynamics), Angela Reynolds (inflammation, wound healing), Suzanne Robertson (ecology and epidemiology) and Rebecca Segal (wound healing and the respiratory system).

Name Title Email Phone
David Chan, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Laura Ellwein Fix, Ph.D. Associate Professor 804.828.2748
Punit Gandhi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Reed Ogrosky, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Angela Reynolds, Ph.D. Ph.D. Program Director, Associate Professor 804.828.6565
Suzanne Robertson, Ph.D. Associate Professor 804.828.2912
Jan Rychtar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Rebecca Segal, Ph.D. Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor 804.828.4756