Applied mathematics

Applied mathematics is the study of mathematical problems that originate in disciplines other than mathematics. As noted by Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner, the use of mathematics in the natural sciences is “unreasonably effective”. Mathematics provides scientists with both powerful computational tools and the very language in which their theories and models are formulated with examples ranging from quantum mechanics to the pricing of derivatives in finance. In turn, the process of formalizing insight from other fields often leads mathematicians to new and fruitful avenues of research.

Research in applied mathematics at VCU currently includes difference and differential equations, variational models, Hamiltonian formalism, arithmetic and geometric methods. Applications include optimal control theory, networks and string theory.

A subset of general applied math is the application of mathematical techniques to problems in biology and medicine.

Applied Mathematics Faculty

Marco Aldi, Assistant Professor

Harris Hall 4150


Candy Kent, Associate Professor

Harris Hall 4173


Reed Ogrosky, Assistant Professor

Harris Hall 4177


Norma Ortiz-Robinson, Associate Professor

Harris Hall 4149


Hassan Sedaghat, Professor

Harris Hall 4168


Ihsan Topaloglu, Assistant Professor

Harris Hall 4151A