Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is the study of mathematical problems that originate in disciplines other than mathematics. As noted by Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner, the use of mathematics in the natural sciences is “unreasonably effective." Applied mathematics research focuses on the creation and study of mathematical and computational tools broadly applicable in science and engineering, and on the use of these tools in solving challenging theoretical or real-world problems. The emphasis in applied mathematics research is on both the mathematics (such as the development of new methods to meet the challenges of new problems), and the real world. From polymeric modeling to electromagnetic theory, from robotics to meteorology, areas of investigation in applied mathematics are diverse.

Sample Research Topics

  • differential equations
  • variational models
  • Hamiltonian formalism
  • arithmetic and geometric methods
  • optimal control theory
  • stochastic evolution equations
  • fluid dynamics
  • dynamical systems


  • microelectromechanical systems
  • materials science
  • atmospheric science
  • networks
  • pattern formation
  • collective behavior
  • self-organization in complex systems
  • quantum computing
  • string theory