Suzanne Robertson

Suzanne Robertson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Grace E. Harris Hall, 1015 Floyd Ave., room 4172


  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, University of Arizona, 2009 [Title: "Spatial Patterns in Stage-Structured Populations with Density Dependent Dispersal" Adviser: Prof. Jim Cushing]
  • B.S. in Mathematics (Chemistry minor), College of William & Mary, 2003

Research Interests

  • Discrete and continuous dynamical systems with applications in ecology and epidemiology 

Select Publications

  • Robertson, S.L., Eisenberg, M.C. and Tien, J. 2013. Heterogeneity in multiple transmission pathways: modeling the spread of cholera and other waterborne disease in networks with a common water source, Journal of Biological Dynamics, 7(1): 254-275
  • Eisenberg, M.C., Robertson, S.L. and Tien, J. 2013. Identifiability and estimation of multiple transmission pathways in cholera and waterborne disease. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 324(7): 84-102
  • Robertson, S.L. and Hamilton, I.M. 2012. Habitat selection under the risk of infectious disease. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 14: 51-72
  • Robertson, S.L., Cushing, J.M. and Costantino, R.F. 2012. Life stages: interactions and spatial patterns. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 74: 491-508
  • Robertson, S.L. and Cushing, J.M. 2012. A bifurcation analysis of stage-structured density dependent integrodifference equations. J. Math. Anal. Appl., 388(1): 490-499
  • Robertson, S.L. and Cushing, J.M. 2011. Spatial segregation in stage-structured populations with an application to Tribolium. Journal of Biological Dynamics, 5(5): 398-409

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Board, Natural Resource Modeling
  • Reviewer for Journal of Mathematical Biology, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Journal of Biological Dynamics, Journal of Nonlinear Science, Applicable Analysis