Master of Science (M.S.) in Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Math offers the M.S. in mathematical sciences in the two concentrations listed on this page: applied mathematics and mathematics. Subject areas of strength include applied mathematics, biomathematics and discrete mathematics. The M.S. in mathematical sciences is also available with a statistics concentration or an operations research concentration, though those are offered through a different department (Department of Statistics and Operations Research).

Our program is flexible and is designed to meet the needs of students with a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and career plans.


Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics offers courses in applied mathematics, including ordinary differential equations, discrete and continuous dynamical systems, partial differential equations, calculus of variations, numerical analysis, complex analysis and other topics. Emphasis is placed on analytical and numerical techniques for solving mathematical equations that arise in the physical and biological sciences, engineering and economics. It is recommended that students contemplating study in applied mathematics have undergraduate training in differential equations, linear algebra and analysis.


The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics offers a wide range of courses in the areas of real and complex analysis, topology, linear algebra, graph theory, combinatorics and abstract algebra. Students wishing to prepare for a Ph.D. program in mathematics can build a solid foundation through an appropriate selection of courses offered by the department.