Women in Mathematics

Our Women in Math Club (also known as the Association of Women in Math VCU Chapter or "AWM") is a collection of STEM students who have a passion for mathematics and science. We like to promote and talk about the ways we can use math to better understand our world and come up with viable solutions to problems. Our club is open to graduate and undergraduates, and sexual identity is not a hindrance to joining—all you need is a like-minded passion.

To promote this passion for mathematics, we have many ideas that are being developed. Currently we have monthly membership meetings to discuss events. Furthermore we have a monthly MaTherapy session where our members meet and discuss academic struggles, solutions and ideas. A kind of self-care for students done in a safe space. We also share our work and understanding to aid in each other's academic success. This collaborative approach benefits us all, and creates lifelong friends and a personal network after we leave VCU.

four students standing in front of a modern sculpture outside harris hall at v.c.u.
Tara Ram Mohan (Vice President), left, Gelila Gemechu (Treasurer), Yuting Liu (Secretary) and Anna Jarvis (President)

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Cheri Doucette
Faculty Adviser

Cheri Doucette