Credit By Examination

The math department allows for credit by examination for Math 200 (Calculus I), Math 201 (Calculus II), Math 301 (Differential Equations), Math 307 (Calculus III) and Math 310 (Linear Algebra). For complete information on how to receive credit by examination, visit the VCU Bulletin's Additional Sources of Academic Credit page (scroll to section titled "Undergraduate Credit By Examination").


A student wishing to take credit by examination must meet the following requirements:

  • The student must not have received a grade in the course, including AU or W, for which credit by examination is sought or have received transfer credit for a similar course taken elsewhere.
  • The student must be a currently enrolled student as certified by the examining department.
  • The student must meet departmental and school eligibility requirements as evidenced by the written approval of the chair of the examining department.

Steps to Receive Credit by Examination

  1. Contact Associate Chair/Director of Undergraduate Studies Sean Cox to initiate the process and make the appropriate arrangements within the first four weeks of the semester.
  2. Fill out the Credit by Examination Approval Form [DocuSign] and take it to the Associate Chair for approval.
  3. The fee for credit by examination is $30 per credit hour. Take your completed, and signed, approval form to the cashier’s office adjacent to the Student Service Center on the first floor of Harris Hall. This fee must be paid prior to scheduling the exam.
  4. Within two weeks of making your payment, bring your receipt to the Associate Chair. At this time, your examination will be scheduled.