Accelerated B.S. and M.S. Program

The accelerated B.S. and M.S. program allows qualified students in the mathematics concentration to earn both the B.S. in mathematical sciences and the M.S. in mathematical sciences with a concentration in mathematics in a minimum of five years by completing approved graduate courses during the senior year of their undergraduate program. Students in the program may count up to nine hours of graduate courses toward both the B.S. and M.S. degrees. Thus, the two degrees may be earned with a minimum of 141 credits rather than the 150 credits necessary if the two degrees are pursued separately.

Students holding these degrees are better prepared for a career in a technical industry, for a career in teaching and/or for further studies in a quantitative Ph.D. program, such as mathematics, data sciences or statistics. An accelerated B.S. and M.S. degree in mathematics offers a direct pathway toward high-paying positions in big tech companies and financial institutions. Over the past decade, the increasingly competitive application process for Ph.D. programs in mathematics has made it extremely difficult for students holding only a B.S. degree to be admitted. On the other hand, students graduating from VCU with a master’s in mathematical sciences have a history of getting into highly rated Ph.D. programs, often with generous funding.

Admission requirements, degree requirements, recommended course sequences and more information about the program can be found at VCU Bulletin.