B.S. in Mathematical Sciences

The curriculum in mathematical sciences promotes understanding of the mathematical sciences and their structures, uses and relationships to other disciplines. To this end, the scholarly growth of the faculty and students in the mathematical sciences is nurtured through study, research and a high standard of teaching. Within the department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, the curriculum provides a sound foundation for the student seeking to enter a career with a technological orientation or for the student who wishes to pursue graduate study in applied mathematics, biomathematics, mathematics, or the teaching of mathematics in secondary schools or related fields.


The department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics offer Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in mathematical sciences in the following concentrations.

Applied Mathematics

The concentration in applied mathematics focuses on the analytical and computational techniques necessary to solve many complex problems. These methods can be applied to research in all areas of science and engineering as well as in medicine, economics, sociology and more.


The concentration in biomathematics focuses on the overlap between mathematics and the disciplines of biology, ecology and medicine. This concentration develops mathematical and computational methods for modeling and analyzing phenomena in the life sciences.


The concentration in mathematics fosters the understanding of the power and beauty of pure mathematics and its role in various branches of knowledge.

Secondary Teacher Preparation

The concentration in secondary teacher preparation features the mathematics course work required for a license to teach mathematics in Virginia’s secondary schools. To receive Virginia’s secondary mathematics endorsement, this track must be completed in conjunction with the Master of Teaching degree offered through VCU’s School of Education as part of the Extended Teacher Preparation Program.

General Mathematical Sciences

Students who desire a strong foundation in mathematics but are not ready to commit to one of the other department concentrations may choose this option. Please see the math adviser to discuss this option.