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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I choose an advisor? The mathematics department has moved to centralized advising. Robin C. Lawson is the department advisor

Schedule an Academic Advising Appoint.

How do the new 400 level math classes affect me? Starting in Fall 2016, the Mathematics Department has changed many of the undergraduate required upper level courses so that most are no longer at the 500 level.  See the 2016-17 graduation worksheet for more information.  Under this new course paradigm, courses labeled in the 500s are entry level graduate courses, while courses labeled in the 400s are advanced undergraduate level courses. Frequently Asked Questions.

May I get Credit by Examination? Yes, the Mathematics Department allows for Credit by Examination.

How do I declare a math major and concentration? To declare your math major and/or concentration (Mathematics, Biomathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation or Applied Mathematics), fill out the Change of  Major/Concentration Form.

How do I apply to graduate?

  1. Login into eServices, select “Student,” then “Student Records,” and then click on the “Apply to Graduate” link.
  2. If your program information is incorrect or you see the incorrect semester (for example Spring 2015 instead of Fall 2015), then you should call the Graduate Office at 828-1918 and request that your electronic check-out be reset.  You will need your V# when you call.
  3. You must check out once FOR EACH MAJOR. If you have a double or dual major, you will go through the application process twice, once for each major.

How often should I meet with my advisor? Students are required to meet with the department advisor each semester to plan the next semester’s course of study.  Advising meetings are several weeks before advanced registration begins.  Each semester students will receive an email from the department reminding them of the required meeting along with information about scheduling an appointment. During the semester that you plan to graduate, you will not need to meet during advising week since you will have already applied to graduate.

Is meeting with the department advisor mandatory?  Yes. Beginning Spring 2015, it is mandatory to meet with a department advisor each semester.  Failure to attend an advising meeting will result in a hold placed on your account and you will not be able to register for classes.

What happens if I do not meet with the department advisor?  If you do not meet with a department advisor, a hold will be placed on your account and you will not be able to register for classes until the hold has been removed.  If a hold has been placed on your account, you need to contact and meet with the department advisor. After meeting with a department advisor, the hold will be removed so that you may register for classes.

Is there a form that I can use to guide me through my program of studies?  The department advisor and you will use Degree Works and the Graduation worksheet for your catalog year to guide you through your program of studies.  The front page of this worksheet provides a list of general education courses that you must complete (e.g., foreign language, English 215, Biology 101, etc.).  The second page of this worksheet contains information about major requirements for one of five concentrations (Mathematics, Biomathematics, Applied Mathematics, Secondary Teacher Preparation or General Mathematics).  Students must complete the core courses and the additional courses required for each your concentration.

For more information, please contact one of the , the chair of the department, Dr. Glenn Hurlbert ( or the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair, Dr. Joy Whitenack (