Math Placement

VCU may require incoming students to take a math placement test (at no charge) in order to determine which math class they are eligible to register for in their first semester of enrollment. 

Special note for current students

If you are a current student during the spring 2023 semester and want to take your second attempt of the math placement test please email for steps on how to do so.

Special note for fall 2023 admits

The math placement test has been paused for new admit students and should open back up in May. Emails will be sent to new students when the test does open. In the meantime, please take our Google Form to decide if you need to take the math placement test.

When should I take a math course?

The math department recommends that students take a math course during their first semester at VCU because many programs at VCU require some level of math as a prerequisite and many courses outside of the math department have math as a prerequisite.

Do I have to take the math placement test?

To determine if you are required to take the math placement test, please complete the Do I Need to Take the Math Placement Test? Form [Google Form].

When should I take the math placement test?

For first-year students who plan to take math in their first semester and need to take the math placement test, it will make sense to take the math placement test prior to enrolling in your first semester courses at VCU. Otherwise, the math department recommends you not take the placement test until the semester prior to enrolling in a math course because you only get one attempt at the test.