ALEKS PPL Registration

Registration Steps

  1. Log in to ALEKS PPL using your VCU eID and password.
  2. Accept the Terms of Agreement.
  3. Click on one of the following buttons accordingly:
    • “I have never used ALEKS before or I do not have an ALEKS login name” [if you have not previously registered with ALEKS]
    • “I have an ALEKS login name” [if you have previously registered with ALEKS (for chemistry, for example)]
  4. Click CONTINUE.
  5. Click on “Purchase access online.”
  6. Enter your VCU email address. You will use this to sign in. You will need to retype your VCU email address.
  7. For country, choose “United States.” For state, choose "VA." For school, choose “VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIV (Richmond).”
  8. Enter your billing information.
  9. Check the "I Accept" box, then click "Review Order."

Prep and Learning Module

Your registration with ALEKS PPL includes access to one prep and learning module. You are automatically assigned to a prep and learning module based on the results of your first placement assessment results. You are required to work in your prep and learning module before you may take additional assessments.