Math Placement

All math courses have prerequisites that must be satisfied before a student may register for a math course. The prerequisite may be satisfied by either a satisfactory score on the math placement assessment or by successful completion of the prerequisite course.

The placement assessment results will be used to determine the highest level math (and statistics) course a student may initial take at VCU. The placement assessment does NOT give credit for a math course nor does it satisfy the Quantitative Literacy Requirement for graduation. If your major requires you to take a math class you will have to take a math class.

New first-year and transfer students must take the math placement assessment via ALEKS PPL before they register for Orientation prior to the start of their first semester of enrollment. Your math placement test score is valid for 1 year. Students who do not register for a math class within one year of receiving a math placement test score will need to retake the assessment to receive a new test score.

Important: There is a two hour time limit on un-proctored ALEKS assessments. If you exceed the two hour time limit, your assessment will be stopped and your score is discarded. It is as if you never took the assessment. There is no way to recover a score. You will need to retake the assessment and ensure you submit the assessment before the two hour time limit expires.

If you encounter problems with ALEKS PPL or have any questions please contact the Math Department